About the Arboretum


The Crommelin Native Arboretum [CNA] is located near the western end of Crystal Avenue in Pearl Beach, an area of 5.5 hectares of native bushland, open to the public, with established pathways and parking for a small number of cars. The CNA was set aside by Council in November 1976 for the development of a native botanic garden and was gazetted by the Geographical Names Board on 15 May 1978. It is managed by an experienced local committee.


Featuring Pearl Beach’s indigenous vegetation, the CNA includes a rare Burrawang Scrubby Woodland (a highly significant ecological community) and wetlands, as well as mature indigenous trees & cultivated native plants collected from other parts of Australia. The CNA also has two specific areas that are examples of the endangered ecological community “Lowland Rainforest in NSW North Coast and Sydney Basin Bioregion” which are set aside for preservation. It’s also a unique habitat for wildlife, with some threatened species present such as the Eastern Pigmy Possum, the Powerful Owl, the Barking Owl, the Glossy Black Cockatoo and during very dry weather, the Red-crowned Toadlet.


The CNA has some mature examples of collected and cultivated native tree species that are considered to be threatened under state legislation.

The CNA has a cleared area that is currently being regenerated as a wildlife corridor between two existing forested areas with many wildlife resource tree species, and has wetland areas that act as bio-filters as well as providing flood mitigation for creeks before draining through the Pearl Beach village.

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