Arboretum - Aims & Objectives


1. To maintain the natural bushland area in a natural state and implement the planting of indigenous species

2. To provide for residents and visitors to Pearl Beach an area for quiet enjoyment and education about the natural flora and fauna.

3. To promote and encourage native plant conservation


The committee believes that the Arboretum is;

  • A unique area that needs a necessary and specific zoning to ensure it is protected & conserved for future generations.

  • Economically sustainable as it is managed by volunteers who maintain the walking tracks, remove noxious & environmentally invasive weeds and remove trees & branches considered unsafe by the honorary arborist

  • A showcase for both the local & wider community as it displays native plant species & land management techniques that are highly relevant for local gardens & creek banks.

  • Used by a variety of people who come to see this ecologically & botanically significant area, – for the plants or just to enjoy the peace of this biodiverse area.

  • To allow the public to use the land for functions and other events

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