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The Pearl Beach Progress Association was formed in 1929 by some of the original residents of Pearl Beach who began meeting to improve services to the Village. In those early days there was no power or water available and the only way for traffic to enter and leave the Village was via the rough road around Mount Ettymalong from Umina.


Since its inauguration one of the aims of the Association had been to build a Community Hall, but the lack of funds, the great depression and the WW11 were major stumbling blocks to realising this ambition.


Land at 9 Diamond Road was purchased in 1943 by three members, William Steinbeck, James Armstrong, and William Frost, and a concerted effort of fundraising was conducted to raise the 1,000 pounds required to construct a Hall. Building commenced in 1948 and was completed in September 1950 with a combination of voluntary labour and assistance from local builders, Cliff Mazlin and Jack Butler.


The hall became not only a community hall but also a memorial to the young men from Pearl Beach who died in WW11. The memorial in front of the Hall was built as a donation by Jack Butler and is used each year for the Pearl Beach Anzac Day service.

Executive Committee

The Pearl Beach Progress Association is managed by an Executive Committee.
The ballot for the election of office-bearers and ordinary members of the executive committee is conducted at the annual general meeting.


Executive Committee Members 2019-2020

President                                Peter Romey

Vice President                        Malcolm Davison

Vice President                        Russell Grove

Treasurer                                Libby Nelson

Secretary                                Donna Higgins

Assistant Secretary               Gary Phillips

Publicity Officer                      Lynne Lillico

Ordinary Member                   John Haymes      Ordinary Member                   Rebecca Jacobs

Ordinary Member                   Bev Kingston

Public Officer                          Donna Higgins

Our Objectives

  • To promote the best interests of the rate payers and residents of Pearl Beach and to support those activities in other parts of the City of Gosford that are in the best interests of the ratepayers and residents of Pearl Beach.

  • To protect and enhance the environment and encourage nature conservation within the village of Pearl Beach.

  • To maintain in good condition the Association’s Memorial Community Hall

PBPA Secretary Contact


General meetings are held in the Memorial Community Hall most months on the first Saturday of the month but not January, Easter or June.

See Community Calendar for dates. Meetings commence at 5.00 pm and after the meeting everyone is welcome to stay for a glass of wine and light refreshments.


The Executive Committee meetings are held prior to each General meeting.


The minutes of the General Meetings are available here and are also posted on the noticeboard at the front of the Memorial Community Hall, 9 Diamond Road, Pearl Beach.


Join Us

Membership is available to anyone who is 16 years of age or older and lives in Pearl Beach, or is an owner of property in Pearl Beach, and the immediate families of such persons.


The cost of membership is $20 per person per financial year.


Membership forms can be downloaded (see below), by contacting a member of the Executive Committee or collected from the Memorial Community Hall.


The Association also offers a “Friends of Pearl Beach” category of membership ($20 per person per financial year) which we hope will establish a firm connection with regular visitors (past and present) to our community. This category does not include voting rights, however, you will be updated with news of community activities.


If you wish to join please complete a Membership Form and return to Pearl Beach Progress Association Inc
at 9 Diamond Road, Pearl Beach 2256.


Download a PBPA Membership form - PBPA Membership Application Form

Download a PBPA Friend membership form - PBPA Friends Application Form


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