Pearl Beach Dunecare

Monthly Working Bees
2nd Saturday of each month (except Dec, Jan, Feb) 
Meet at Amenities Block
9am to 11am
Please bring Hat, Gloves, Water & Sunscreen

Fay Austin a tribute

Fay’s passion for the dunes was never in doubt and her conviction that the dunes were the first line of defence for the beach and beachfront houses proved correct on many occasions. In staying true to her understanding of the importance of the dunes Fay has left a lasting legacy to Pearl Beach and she would be proud to know there are so many who share her vision and will carry on her good work......Carole Saint

Fay Austin - A Tribute by Jill Easterbrook

Our dune zone at Pearl Beach is the envy of the region and experts have agreed that it provides significant protection to our beach and all adjoining private properties. We are grateful to our predecessors who initiated an ongoing regenerative planting program and nurtured the existing dune vegetation. They installed protective fencing and kept weed invasion at bay. The result is that today we benefit from a well established and healthy dune zone.
Dunecare Contact
Present day dune care volunteers continue as custodians in conserving our dune vegetation. This involves improving our knowledge of the dunes, collecting seeds, keeping the dune zone well fenced, weeded and systematically replanted. Volunteers also monitor the effect of storms and attempt to keep some photographic records of the dunes.
Pearl Beach Dunecare volunteers work in collaboration with the Central Coast Council.
We believe that there is no better way to serve our community than to spend a few hours per month working in our dunes. Please come and join us in this most rewarding work for our wonderful Pearl Beach. 
For more information email us via the Dunecare Contact box.
Ocean Temperature - Wednesday 8 July 2020
Ocean - 15.0 degrees c
Pool - 14.5 degrees c
Temperatures taken by Paul Wickham

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